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I work with growth-minded individuals who are seeking to wake up every day with more energy, a clear mind, and less stress. True freedom starts from within.

My life was completely out of balance.

Bertrand - Entrepreneur

When I came to you, my life was completely out of balance and I couldn't work well. My energy was a 3 out of 10 which was very low. I was struggling to have a clear vision of what I wanted in life as well as not knowing my values. After 3 months with you my energy went to 7 out of 10 and my business increased by 20%, and I got a 6 pack as a side effect.

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Hi, I'm Paul Wadsworth

I've been helping people transform their lives through health and wellness for over 10 years now. It's my absolute passion to be, do, and have more from life and to help others do the same. I truly believe it all starts from within.